Meet the Shrek Family

Meet the Family

Welcome to the most dysfunctional family in Far Far Away, but they wouldn't change it for the world!


The grumpy but lovable big-hearted Ogre

Favourite Drink: Eyeball Martini

Special SkillsRoaring and making earwax candles

DislikesBeing clean, Rumpelstiltskin and in laws


A hilarious, confident wise crackin’ fast talkin' Donkey

Likes: Waffles, meeting new people and karaoke

Relationship Status: It’s complicated!

Biggest Fear: Wooden bridges

Princess Fiona

So much more than your typical damsel in distress

Besties: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella & Rapunzel

Traits: Tough, smart, fearless and caring

Married To: Shrek!


A tough cookie with something up his sugary sleeve

Traits: Loyal, sweet and cautious

School: Cookie Academy

Biggest Fear: Heat and mouths!

Puss in Boots

The mischievous suave sword-fighting hero with ‘cattitude’

Signature Move: Big eyes and swagger

Likes: Warm cream and romancing the ladies

Favourite Song: Livin la Vida Loca                                                    

Puss in Boots


The unlikely hero with handy strings to help save the day

Likes: Libraries and ladies underwear!

Dislikes: Interrogations

Special Skills: Hanging around