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Princess Fiona

The Magic Bus Depot

Start the adventure and meet your overly enthusiastic Head Tour Guide to get a sneak peek at what to expect from your tour of Far Far Away! Although they may need help from you with the slideshow… it seems not everything is running as smoothly as hoped
Uh-oh! If that wasn't bad enough, the bus has run out of magic to make it fly… but wait, singing and dancing generates magic you say? Well then, we best give that a go


Can you spot?

Can you spot the three lunchboxes belonging to the 3 Little Pigs hidden in the messy shelves? Hint: one is made from straw, one from sticks and one is bricks of course.


Fun fact

As the bus drives through the deserted underground station there’s posters for The London Dungeon and Madame Tussauds London, can you spot them?