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IWD: The Magical Women of the Shrek Films

  • Friday March 4th 2022

BUCK Shrek Library 30

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, we’re using the latest edition of Swamp Stories to highlight the women characters in the Shrek films. Between them they own businesses, breath fire, cast magic spells and have super fighting skills. That is something to shout about!

Keep reading to be re-introduced to these formidable women, each powerful in their own way.


Fiona is an ogress of many talents! As well as being a ninja fighter and having a voice so perfect it combusts small birds, Fiona teaches us all about self-love and accepting who we are! She is completely comfortable in her own skin, especially when its thick and green like an Ogre. She proves herself as strong leader when leading the rest of Ogre kind against the evil Rumpelstiltskin.

Fiona Half

Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother is the main villain of the second Shrek film. She created a business empire from granting magic wishes and can belt a ballad like no one else. She dotes on her son Prince Charming and is willing to do anything to advance his claim to Fiona’s hand (and therefore the throne). She can be mean and self-serving, but you can’t deny, she’s got style!


Sometimes rudely known as an ugly sister, Doris is a businesswoman and runs the Rotten Apple pub. She has a tough and gruff exterior but a heart of gold (occasionally). At Shrek’s Adventure! she steps up whenever a hero is in need with helpful advice and a fearsome bout of karaoke. Cross her at your peril!

Shrek's Adventure! London Doris In Poison Apple Pub


After years cleaning up after her stepsisters, Cinderella loves to keep everything spick and span. She’s a loyal friend to Fiona and helped to retake the throne when it was stolen by Prince Charming. Undeniably beautiful and kind to all, she’s the poster-girl for a classic princess.

Shrek's Adventure! London Cinderella In Lost In The Swamp 2


She’s a fire-breathing, scary dragon and if you annoy her, she may eat you but Dragon is also clearly very sensitive with a strong love for Donkey and fierce protectiveness of her friends and eventual children. She saves the day in both Shrek and Shrek III by eating Lord Farquaad and then pushing a tower on Prince Charming. What a hero!