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Shrek arts and crafts activities to do with your kids

  • Tuesday January 4th 2022
  • Arts and Crafts

Shrek mask

As the joy of Christmas begins to fade into memory and wet January days become the norm, we at Shrek’s Adventure! London think it’s a good idea to have some fun arts and crafts up your sleeve to entertain the kids. So we scoured the internet to find the best Shrek-themed arts, crafts and baking ideas which you can do at home with your children!

Read on to find your next favourite arts and crafts activity.

Shrek Puppet

Toddler Toddler suggest an excellent way of re-using old cereal boxes to create a fun Shrek puppet! All you need is a cereal box, some coloured paper, glue, and scissors to make your new Shrek friend. This is a perfect activity for parents with young children as there is little opportunity for mess. Find everything you need to know here.

Shrek Facemasks

Nadine who runs the online blog Practical Pages has made a helpful, downloadable guide on how to make your very own facemasks of characters from Shrek. You can get Shrek, Fiona, Puss, Donkey and many more. Follow the link below to view, download and even get some more top tips for organising a whole Shrek themed party! Thanks Nadine.

“Shrektacular” Shrek Party Ideas! | Practical Pages (

Donkey facemask


Ogre Ears

If a whole facemask is a bit much for you or you want some different options for the older kids (or adults) then an easy solution is to make Ogre ears instead. See this blog to discover exactly how. All you need is headbands and green foam sheets for this simple but effective accessory. Pair with green face paint for a great last-minute Shrek costume.

Ogre Ears


Ogre or Dragon Tissue-Box Feet

To complete the Ogre ensemble – you can easily update this arts and crafts project made by ‘A Bird and a Bean’ from making dinosaur feet to making Ogre or Dragon ones! All you need is some old tissue boxes and you’re almost ready to build these top-quality stompers. Be warned, this has the potential to get messy if you decide to use paint to get the perfect shade of ogre green so be ready with some old newspapers to save your worktops.

Shrek tissue box feet


Gingy The Gingerbread Man Cookies

This recipe may be for slightly older kids who have more patience as the prep time is quite long but the results are amazing. Freshly baked gingerbread cookies styled to look exactly like Gingy from the movies. They’re almost too cute to eat… almost.

Gingy from Shrek Cookies


Shrek Cupcakes

Bessie’s Bakery has an easy instructional video on how to turn a classic cupcake into a brilliant Shrek-themed one with Ogre ears a plenty. Simple to follow with a delicious end-product, this is one to try with older kids for a bake sale or birthday party treats.

Thank you reading our favourite Shrek-based arts, crafts, and baking ideas. Don’t forget to share your creations on social media and tag us with #shreksadventure. Or even better, wear or bring your masterpiece with you when you next visit Shrek’s Adventure! London – tickets available now!