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The 6 Tribes of Trolls World Tour

  • Tuesday February 8th 2022
  • Film



The Trolls World Tour franchise features six tribes themed around different music genres, each with their own style and sound. Read on to see which tribe you’d fit into and find out why they’re so great!


Pop tribe actually featured in the first Troll film, so you might remember the excitable ruler of the Pop trolls, Queen Poppy (who you can meet at Shrek’s Adventure! London 12th – 20th of February). They are all-singing, all-dancing and are consistently upbeat and happy. Pop trolls love music with a catchy melody and can use their hair to swing through trees and even make it light up! How cool is that?


The scary Rock trolls are the villains of Trolls World Tour as they attempt to take over and convert everyone into Rock zombies! They can riff on a guitar like no one else and are fiercely loyal to their music style. The Rock tribe are easy to spot as they often have many piercings, ripped up clothes and dark makeup.


Funk trolls look really different to other trolls and walk on 4 legs! They live in the aptly named Vibe City, way out in the desert. They are generally laidback and friendly, but are ready to defend their groovy way of life from the invading Rock trolls.


Did someone say Centaur? Because the country western trolls come galloping in on hooves ready to 2-step their way to the top. The sheriff of the town is Delta Dawn, who is kind, but tough (she even locked up Poppy once!). Country trolls love music that makes them feel like the wild west. Yee-haw!


Techno are the only water-based trolls and live deep under the ocean, where they glow in the dark! They can swim very fast and love to rave to electronic music, with King Trollex being their leader and music-maker.


Eagled-eye readers might have noticed there’s one tribe missing… Well don’t worry, because you can help Find the Missing Beat with our activity trail at Shrek’s Adventure! London this February half term. If you visit between 12th-20th you’ll also get to meet either Poppy or Branch in person, tickets available now!