Board the magical 4D flying bus driven by Donkey!

Meet Princess Fiona in the bus depot and help her conjure up a little magic. Then board the magical 4D flying bus, with Donkey as your driver, as you become the hero of the story!

4D flying bus

Step into Shrek's Swamp!

You'll need to find Shrek but he's not at home in his swamp. Maybe Cinderella will help you collect the special ingredients you'll need to find Shrek!


Visit the Fortune Teller in Rumplestiltskin's carriage...

Who do you see in the fortune teller's crystal ball? Shrek!... And Rumplestiltskin who's up to his old tricks! Will Esmeralda be able to give you the clues needed to find Shrek and make it back home?!

Fortune teller

Bump into Puss in Boots in the Poison Apple Pub!

There's no time for a drink with the resident barmain, Doris, though... you'll need to get the secret ingredient from Puss in Boots to create a magic spell to get you find Shrek!

Poison Apple Pub

Can you rescue Pinocchio from the Wheel Of Torture?

Try your luck in our explosive game show before you continue your search for Shrek and become the hero of the story.


Make your way through the Mirror Maze of Insanity

Time for some reflection as you journey through Rumpelstiltskin’s maze to find Drury Lane

Mirror maze

Cook up a spell with the Muffin Man

Use the Muffin Man's bubbling cauldron to cook up a magic spell with the ingredients that you've collected along the way.

Muffin Man

You found Shrek!

Make sure you have a picture with Shrek to show your friends.