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Learning Outcomes

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Get excited for a Shrek-tastic lesson of the year

See what the students will get from a school trip to Shrek's Adventure! London and why you should visit us

4D Magic Flying Bus

Board The Magical 4D Flying Bus And Journey To Far Far Away...

Experience a fictional world first hand in the magical, immersive world of Shrek’s Adventure! London. Your pupils will become the central characters in a live fairy tale adventure, meet well known characters up-close, speak to them and change their fates to subvert their stories.

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In English, KS1/KS2 pupils have the opportunity to learn

  • To identify the features and themes of different genres, including fairy tales
  • To understand that stories are developed with a beginning, a middle and an end
  • To explore the process of characterisation and of building characters

KS1 KS2 Drama

In Drama, KS1/KS2 pupils have the opportunity to learn...

  • To infer characters' thoughts, feelings and actions through performance
  • To use role-play and performance to convey meaning in different text types

Lesson Plans

Your adventure begins in the classroom: Lesson Plans

Discover the tools behind creating a story, exploring how to plot events and to empathise with characters through drama and role-play. With three hours’ worth of content pre and post an educational visit, we are offering your students a set of unforgettable lessons that reinforce important aspects of the curriculum.

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Individual Lesson Activities

Individual Lesson Activities

Explore our collection of individual pre and/or post supporting lesson activities. Worksheets include creating your very own swamp in a shoe box, reflecting and writing a diary entry, poem or letter, improving handwriting and spelling and planning your very own holiday to Far Far Away. 

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Quality Badge

We have the The LOtC Quality Badge

Shrek’s Adventure! London offers a rich environment for inspiring pupils’ active imaginations and curriculum based learning. So much so this had been recognised by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. The LOtC Quality Badge offers teachers a guarantee that not only is a venue providing the sort of educational value that they can build on in class long after the visit but they also have the appropriate risk management structures in place.

Sharing The Magic

Sharing the Magic..

"We loved it that our students were getting involved with the adventure. As we are from the Netherlands, listening to the English itself was educational enough, but having them interact, was awesome!!" Mariëlle - Rodenborch College