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Lesson Plans

4D Magic Flying Bus

Building a Story: Pre/Post Lesson Plans

Pupils will… discover the tools behind creating a story, exploring how to plot events and to empathise with characters through drama and role-play. They will delve deeper into characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives, understand how to create heroes and villains, and analyse the importance of setting – all in the magical, immersive world of Shrek’s Adventure! London, where our best-loved cast from the film truly comes to life!

Swamp In A Shoe Box

Swamp in a shoe box (pre or post visit)

Shrek is searching for a new home! Can you help? Firstly you will need a shoe box to house your swamp, then using this worksheet create your plan before the fun part as you source items from your garden or local environment and build your very ow swamp!

Storyteller worksheet

Story Telling (post visit)

Now it’s your turn to try writing your own fairy tale adventure! Top tip: it is important your story is structured in the right order otherwise your reader won't understand it.

Far Far Away Holidays worksheet

KS2 Holiday to Far Far Away (post visit)

As a class become a travel agency and create a holiday brochure to Far Far Away! Get descriptive as your write about a new journey to Far, Far Away. You will need to plan where in the world you will be going and research what that country is like as a tourist destination.