Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone to put our buggies and bags?

Buggies/pushchairs are not be allowed inside the attraction during busy periods and can be stored in the complimentary buggy storage area. Coats and bags can be stored for an additional fee.

What can I bring inside?

Security checks will be carried out for all guests prior to entry into Shrek's Adventure. Please ensure you do not bring prohibited items include sharp objects or anything which may be considered a security risk including penknives, scissors, metal nail files, toy or replica guns.

How long is the experience?

The experience is designed to take 60 to 70 minutes.

Who is Shrek's Adventure suitable for?

During your adventure you’ll meet many characters (princesses and donkeys included), but as in all fairytales you may also encounter a witch or two, which some of our younger audience may find scary! Whilst there’s no age limit, we recommend Shrek's Adventure for children aged 3-12 (and for those younger knights and princesses feeling especially brave).

Is the 4D Bus Experience suitable for me?

Please be aware that the 4D bus at the start of the adventure is a simulation experience that includes water spray, air blasts, fog and aroma. The bus is not suitable for guests who suffer from Epilepsy, motion sickness, asthma and any other chronic illness.




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